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ESB International at the Power & Utilities Industry Forum 2022

ESB International at the Global Big Data Analytics in Power and Utilities Industry Forum 2022 

The ESB International team are delighted to be attending The Global Big Data Analytics in Power and Utilities Industry Forum 2022 in Amsterdam on the 28th of November. 


The Global Big Data Analytics in Power & Utilities Forum 

The forum in Amsterdam offers content for decision-makers and experts of technology strategy, analytics, data science, and innovation from leading Energy companies. Attendees will learn how data and analytics leaders can leverage AI to anticipate, shift and accelerate transformation in the face of disruption, uncertainty, and opportunity. 



Dr. Kamal Radi and Brian Magee, MSc BEng, will represent ESB International at The Global Big Data Analytics in Power and Utilities Industry Forum in Amsterdam on the 28th of November. They will take to the stage at 11:00 to discuss Smart Load Management Systems and Demand Side Management Units. 


Smart Load Management System Concept 

Smart load management systems can be utilised during emergency energy demands. Kamal and Brian will discuss strategies to efficiently manage energy loads and develop intelligent load management systems that permit end-to-end network management through advanced control systems utilising the "Big Data" tools and strategies available through the following sources:  

  • Real-Time SCADA data 

  • Real-Time Quality Management System Data in Smart Load Management Systems 

  • Historical data warehouse systems  

  • CIM data (Common Information Model)  

  • Demand Side Management policies 

  • Short- and Long-Term Load Forecasts 

  • Artificial intelligence and business Indolence 

  • Impact of intermittence renewable Energy sources on the Load Management System 

  • Energy Market Systems' impact on the Smart Load Management System 



Brian Magee 

Project Manager and SCADA/EMS Engineer in the Strategic Consultancy and Utility Management Group 

Brian has extensive experience working with large data within the energy and utility sector. He also possesses expertise in the data centre and manufacturing sectors, where he has worked across many areas, including pharmaceuticals, mining, retail and commercial.   

Brian has delivered a vast range of projects over the years, within which he differentiates between good and bad data for the client. He understands that the key to obtaining big data is data integrity and ensuring its accuracy, delivery, and reliability.   

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Dr Kamal Radi 

Senior Specialist, SCADA, Energy Management Systems, and Power Systems Operation & Planning.  

Over a horizon of 32 years, Kamal has considerable experience and thorough knowledge in the energy sector. With Dr Kamal's distinctive pyramidal expertise in the electricity industry, he can address the exact impact and requirements of ESB's local and international clients' needs. 

Dr Kamal works on delivering technical support to ESB International's clients in the short-term and long-term, instigating Smart Grid solutions for utilities worldwide, and guiding clients in control centre's cyber security to ensure compliance with international standards. 

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