Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory & Audits

ESB International provides strategic advice, executive management support, project management, engineering expertise and utility solutions to governments, utilities, private developers and other key stakeholders within the power sector.

Strategic Advisory services in greater detail

ESB International has developed a multifunctional, expert team that specialises in a range of consultancy services for the power sector. This is reflected in the extensive range of services that we offer:


ESB International has provided consultancy services for energy markets on behalf of various stakeholders including incumbents and potential entrants. These studies typically involve industry and market analysis, supply and demand forecasts, operating regimes, network configurations and the potential for renewables, industrial and municipal co-generation.


ESB International provides a complete range of services covering all stages of the asset life cycle, which include feasibility studies, project management and commissioning & maintenance. ESB Group has developed a number of plants in open competitive electricity markets, most notably Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) and wind power plants in Spain, UK and Ireland.


Operational performance in non-performing utilities and other power sector organisations can often be improved very effectively by utilising management contracts. The turnaround management contract is a useful alternative to privatisation, or it can be used in preparing a utility for privatisation.


ESB International has been providing effective and reliable solutions to the wind energy sector for over two decades. We offer a wind farm consultancy solution, incorporating all services required for renewables, and have provided wind energy services in countries such as Egypt, France, Jordan, Malaysia, Romania, Kenya, South Africa and Spain.

ESB International is highly experienced across all elements of power project management, including project initiation, feasibility appraisal, due diligence studies, site evaluation, conceptual engineering modelling and design, financial planning, project funding, design, procurement, construction, project management, start-up, training and subsequent operation and maintenance for governments, developer clients, utilities and financial institutions. 

Strategic Advisory