ESB Networks Transmission Line Refurbishment Programme

ESB International’s Asset Management Services (AMS) unit is responsible for all engineering maintenance requirements on the ESB transmission network at voltages ranging from 110 kV to 400 kV. This includes full condition assessment of towers, wood poles, foundations, conductor, insulators and hardware on existing lines for refurbishment and uprating purposes. In addition, ESB International AMS undertakes full project management of all refurbishment and alteration/diversion projects for existing lines on the existing network. AMS coordinates and undertakes annual heli-patrol inspections on the transmission network.

Over the past decade, AMS have delivered numerous condition assessment reports for the refurbishment and upgrading of the existing ESB transmission network at 110 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV. In addition to carrying out full condition assessment reports for the network asset owner, AMS undertake a wide variety of technical support, investigations and development studies in relation to the transmission network life cycle management.

 ESB International AMS provides the following services to ESB Networks:

• Line condition assessment patrols/reports
• Climbing patrol inspections
• Corrosion monitoring of conductors
• Thermal Imagery Inspections
• Joint resistance measurement
• Intrusive foundation inspections including core sampling
• Line inspection and commissioning
• Preliminary line design
• Structural analysis
• Overall report recommending least cost and technically acceptable design solution

ESB International AMS has unrivalled experience in condition assessment and line maintenance which plays a critical role in the ongoing management of the ESB network. At the present time, ESB International  AMS ​is engaged in a major refurbishment programme on the Moneypoint-Oldstreet and Oldstreet-Woodland 400 kV Lines, a total of 230 km of 400 kV lines comprising over 600 lattice steel towers.