Our Markets UK
One of the core objectives of our parent company’s ​strategic ​framework is to develop an integrated ​generation, ​trading and ​supply portfolio that will compete successfully as the increasingly competitive market in Ireland integrates with the energy market in Great Britain under the direction of the EU's Regional Electricity Market initiative.

Since entering the British market in 1992 with the development of one of the first independent power plants after privatisation, Corby Power Ltd, ESB International now owns nearly 1400 MW of gas-fired and wind assets in the UK, employing over 100 people in generation-related activities. Most recently, we have developed a 881 MW CCGT gas-fired plant in Carrington, Manchester. 

Our Markets Turkey
In 2012, ESB International opened a new office in Turkey. The office, located in Ankara, provides a platform for ESB International to expand its operations in the Turkish market and houses a number of support functions to support ESB International projects in the country.

In 2013, ESB International won a major contract in partnership with investment company UNIT ​that sees ESB International operate and maintain the YeniElektrik Power Station, located south-west of Istanbul. ESB International also provides technical and engineering support to the plant. ESB International and UNIT have formed a 50/50 joint venture company known as UNES to manage the contract for the plant, which generates electricity as a merchant plant into the Turkish market.   

Our Markets- Malta

In 2016 ESB International entered into an Operations & Maintenance contract with Electrogas Malta (EGM) to operate and maintain Delimara 4, a 200 MW combined cycle power plant. Delimara 4 is the first independent power plant in Malta and is fuelled by LNG from a floating storage unit and regasification plant. ESB International is responsible for all routine operation and maintenance, managing safety on site, maintaining plant technical performance, and overhaul management.