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Battery Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage

Battery energy storage is one of many flexible technology solutions ESB is adopting in Ireland to support the Irish Government’s ambition of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Batteries support higher levels of renewable energy on the electricity system by storing excess energy generated by renewables when electricity demand is low and releasing it when demand is high. They also provide fast acting system services that help to stabilise the grid, which is of critical importance if we are to reach ever higher levels of renewables on the system. Battery energy storage therefore goes hand in hand with renewable energy generation and are a key part of ESB’s strategy. 

ESB is developing a pipeline of battery projects as well as other flexible enabling technologies to support our renewables strategy. This is crucial to supporting the Irish grid and will facilitate ever more onshore wind, offshore wind and solar onto the electricity system in the coming decades.   

If you ever wondered what makes grid-scale battery storage possible watch to find out about more about the recent investment in battery storage infrastructure across Ireland. 

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