Celebrating Cultural Diversity at ESB International

ESB International has celebrated its own contribution to World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, which takes place this year on May 21st.

This special day is intended to provide an opportunity for individuals and corporations alike to deepen their understanding of the values of cultural diversity. ESB International is no stranger to the concept of cultural diversity, as it has successfully operated in over 120 countries around the globe. Its staff of 700 plus, includes over 35 nationalities from across the world.

The company is a leading global engineering consultancy specialising in the utility sector. It focuses on the delivery of large scale, capital infrastructure projects for international clients, helping them to optimise their energy related projects and strategies.

As part of its celebrations, ESB International hosted a special celebratory lunch for staff which showcased the diversity within the organisation, and was attended by staff who represented the 35 countries from around the world.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charles Flanagan TD, was also present at the event. He said: "I commend ESB International for its dedication to diversity in its global workforce. The progressive approach of ESB International has undoubtedly helped contribute to its commercial success around the world."

Speaking at the event, ESB International Managing Director, Ollie Brogan, commented that: “We are extremely proud to be home to so many employees from different parts of the globe, and we benefit hugely as an organization as a result of the diverse cultural richness that they provide.”