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Power system studies for EWA

The Project

Commissioned by the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), ESB International is completing power system studies on the EWA transmission network. 

Our shared ambition is to achieve optimal utilisation of its existing and new assets to meet future demand whilst ensuring a safe and reliable power system.

Our Approach

  • The Challenge
    Identify areas of most significant impact of transmission network investment to allow EWA to meet projected load growth, guaranteeing long-term system and asset integrity.
  • The Solution
    Planning network expansion projects necessary to reliably support year on year forecasted load growth projections. Use of modern software for steady-state and transient stability studies and contingency analysis from 2015 to 2020. 

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What we delivered

The following power system studies were undertaken: 

  • Load Flow Studies  
  • Reactive Power Compensation Studies 
  • Short Circuit Studies 
  • System Stability Studies 
  • Transient Voltage Studies 
  • Protection Studies 

The Results

  • Identified new network arrangements keeping short-circuit levels within equipment ratings. 
  • Minimised operational limitations while reliably supporting the increased load. 
  • Incorporated a new 400 kV backbone into the transmission system. 
Since 1976, ESB International has acted as Resident Consultant to EWA and its predecessors. Throughout this tenure, we’ve worked together completing extensive power system studies comprising of load flow, short circuit and stability studies. ESB International is an integral part of the transmission development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 
Ebrahim Abdula Al Kaabi, Deputy Chief Executive Planning and Projects, EWA Bahrain

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