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220kV & 66kV Transmission & Distribution Development: Phase 1 & Phase 4

The Client  

The Electricity & Water Authority (EWA) in the Kingdom of Bahrain aims to provide electricity and water services at the highest level of quality and reliability to ensure sustainable development in the country and to be a best practice model for providing electricity and water services.  

To enable economic and social growth envisaged by Bahrain’s 2030 Economic Vision, EWA is committed to the delivery of ambitious and challenging transmission and distribution (T&D) development projects. 


The Project  

One major programme undertaken has been to strengthen the overall infrastructure and achieve expansion and reinforcement of existing 220kV and 66kV transmission & distribution networks in the Kingdom.  

As a utility-based consultant ESB International has developed, maintained and operated resilient transmission & distribution infrastructure in Ireland for nearly 100 years and internationally for close to five decades. ESB International was appointed by EWA as the consultant to deliver all four phases of this ambitious project. The overview of works completed for Phases 1 and 4 is as follows:  

Our Approach

  • The Client Challenges
    A high number of substations needed to be delivered in a short time, and all related 66kV & 220kV cable circuits required urgent approval and installation.
  • Project Scope
    The planning & design, procurement, construction supervision and overall project management of 220kV and 66kV transmission & distribution substations and cable projects.  

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Stage 1 - Studies & Design Stage  

  • Project planning, including contract strategy, interfaces, and conceptual engineering  

  • Power System Studies  

  • Statutory Approvals



Stage 2 – Tendering Phase  

  • Prequalification of contractors  

  • Preparation of enquiry documents  

  • Tendering and contract award 

Stage 3 – Supervision and Contract Management  

  • Overall project & contract management (financial, progress monitoring, interfaces)  

  • Design review and approval, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) 

  • Supervision of site works and commissioning, including safety and security 

What we delivered


The project is in the final stage of completion, with all works being delivered within budget with a continued emphasis on safety and maintaining high-quality standards.  

ESB International has ensured that this transmission & distribution development project has met internationally recognised quality, safety, and environmental standards. In addition, we collaborated with our client to mitigate commercial and technical exposure and risk throughout the project delivery lifecycle while deploying a best practice project management approach.  


The Results

  • 3 new 220/66 kV Bulk Supply Point (BSP) substations and all associated 220kV, 66kV power and communication cabling connections 

  • 16 new 66kV substations and all associated 66kV power and communication cabling connections 

  • 67 new 220kV and 66kV transformers and reactors 

  • 250km of 220kV & 66kV interconnecting cable feeders 


“ESB International has a track record of delivering transmission and distribution  projects worldwide. We have operated in the Middle East, and in Bahrain in particular, for nearly five decades. Key to ESB International's success on this major development project has been our utility background, understanding of the energy sector, and close collaboration with our client. We understand the challenges that face utilities because we're part of one. It's in our DNA."  
Martin Gdovin, ESB International Project Manager

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