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Oman Advanced Metering (AMR) Initiative

The Project

The Authority of Electricity Regulation (AER) instigated the ​Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) Initiative with the Electricity Holding Company SAOC (EHC) and five ​electricity ​companies. ESB International was appointed as a consultant to provide technical support to the Authority throughout the project lifecycle.

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Our Approach

  • The Challenge
    Reduce non-technical losses, improve billing, and examine customer response to time-of-use tariffs and provide detailed usage information. 
  • The Solution 
    A ​smart ​metering ​customer ​behaviour ​trial consisting of 6,500 customers and a ​metering ​technology trial involving the deployment of an additional 4,000 customer meters. The trials defined the business objectives, metering functionality, ​meter ​management ​system and telecommunications infrastructure required. 

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What we delivered

Advised the client on technical solutions and architectures for the AMR system.   

We completed technical evaluations of AMR implementations proposed by the electricity companies.

The Results

  • Ascertained the cost of electricity delivered to the client’s transmission system. 
  • ​Deployment of an additional 4,000 customer meters.

What we do

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for both public and private clients, right through the life cycle of their projects and the energy value chain.